'Eternal Return' - Premiere


Valvesali - Oulu, Finland


SPARKS - Helsinki

Annamari Keskinen & Ryan Mason of THAR BE DRAGONS are thrilled to be shortlisted for the first round of the Sparks Project!

"The SPARKS project will produce three first performances for Form’s 700-seat Erkko stage and three first performances for the 250-seat Pannuhalli stage. Four esteemed experts in the field will join the project alongside artists."


‘Leidenschaft’ - Premiere
Staatstheater Braunschweig
Fall 2020 


Triple Bill featuring work by THAR BE DRAGONS, Ishan Rustem & Stijn Celis



b12 - Berlin
sungrazers / invited artists

09 - 10.07.2020

19:00 / Dock 11

‘Dying Animals Don’t Feel Sorry For Themselves’ - performance by THAR BE DRAGONS


b12 - Berlin

thar be dragons

6-day research workshop - 

03 - 08.07.2020

our bodies are a layered collection of memories housed in the muscles as well as the mind. these memories act to both push and pull us. from them, we construct our sense of self. with them, we come to understand what we have been through. in our work, we access memory and deploy it as a sculptural tool to build a richer set of connections to our physical selves. these connections produce references for who we are and projections of whom we want to be. our work develops tools for accessing the unedited—even unrecognizable—elements of memory in our subconscious selves, and for manifesting those revelations in movement.


Hubbard Street Summer Intensive - Chicago


Workshop and Creation - 

08 - 19.06.2020



webisode - 17.04.2020 

interview with Martin Durov


b12 - Berlin
dying animals


annamari keskinen & ryan mason

thar be dragons

6 day workshop 24.06 - 29.06.2019 

this workshop is an entrance into our process of creation. we will guide you through theatrical tasks and physical settings that we have used to help access the unknown and unexplored spaces existing inside of us. we will allow ourselves the freedom to discover meaning within our experience and open a portal to endless possibilities of expression. we will take the time to dive deeper into this place where we can hear our own voice; where we can hear our own way of communicating and relating.

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