sonic bile

sonic bile is pneumatic digestion - the song of transformation, the sound of letting go.



Through sonic and corporeal maceration, the performer churns emotions in acid dreamscapes, insides turned out. Gastric agents linger in the dripping slimy folds of skin and spectre, smiling and smacking and grimacing - the mind of the belly of bacterial emotional juice. Sonic bile bridges the distance between what was and what could be.


In this work, we are looking into our bodies' generational and transgenerational leftovers. We are digesting and breathing into those spaces, exploring the potential of letting go to find a more available place for reimagining ourselves in the now.


premiere 02.09.2022 DOCK11, berlin, germany


Direction: Annamari Keskinen

Choreography: Annamari Keskinen in collaboration with Krista Arppo

Performance: Krista Arppo

Sound design: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko in collaboration with Annamari Keskinen

Set design: Aino Koski

Production: Thar Be Dragons in collaboration with DOCK ART

Supporters: Dance Promotion Centre Finland, Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Teaser: Panu Isoaho

Pictures: Jussi Ulkuniemi