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A day in the life of a person and at the same time his whole life in one day. A space in a person's life and at the same time their entire life in a room. These considerations form the starting point of the piece. Set in the 'living room', the question arises, 'why are these people here and what are they doing?' Surreal and curious; even absurd at times, the work focuses on the plasticity of identity. Am I me, or just a collection of thoughts? 


Inspired by the meditations of Friedrich Nietzsche, the work uses theatrical staging, voracious and detailed group movement, humor and vivid imagery to express the physicality of a philosophy.

Commission by TRAK Dance Ensemble Salzburg

Direction and Choreography: Ryan Mason


Performers: Young-Won Song, Sami Aleksanteri Similä, Junior Yussuf, Niv Melamed, Stella Blanc, Hector Palacios, Ryan Mason

Stage design: Ryan Mason


Light: Ryan Mason and Reinier Martínez Badilla


Costume: Ryan Mason and Annamari Keskinen


Sound editing: Ryan Mason

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