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Between the not yet and the already no more - performance installation

Could developing an understanding of reality as a fluid changing state could foster an availability to thrive within its flux?


In this work we are focusing on temporal spaces that are available for constant change and transformation within the context of bodily discourses. By looking into the potential of difference in us, I strive to offer space for reflection, a process of thought, a place to experience fresh thinking, something new.  

Performance installation was created for and with the dancers of Sprinboard Danse Montreal 2022.

The performance installation is part of Annamari's performance series Between the not yet and the already no more .  By the end of 2022 the series include four works- swan song/Budapest 2022, sonic bile /Berlin 2022,  masticate /Kassel 2022 and between the not yet, the already no more- performance installation /Montreal 2022 .

Premier 25.06.2022, Usine C, Montreal, Canada


Duration: 20min

Choreography: Annamari Keskinen in collaboration with the dancers


Performance: Lou Amsellem, Abby Castora, Ilia Dergousoff, Maddie Douglas, Graham Feeny, Jazzmin James,Emily Jerant-Hendrickson, Matthew Johnson, Raven Joseph, Gabe Katz, Natalie Leibert, Daria Mikhaylyuk, Matt Retcho, Marcus Sarajeant, Lily Sheppard, Megan Siepka, Cyrie Topete, Christian Warner, Maeva Cochin


Sound design: Annamari keskinen with Kaj Mäki-Ullakko

Production: Springboard Danse Montreal

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation mobility grand