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RAW MATERIALS , formed in late 2020 is a non-profit community that promotes the art of dance. The association's founding members are dancer and choreographer Annamari Keskinen, dancer, and choreographer Mirva Mäkinen and  a primary school teacher Panu Keskinen.

Currently, the association supports the activities of two dance companies, THAR BE DRAGONS and MIRVA MÄKINEN ENSEMBLE, promoting contemporary dance in Finland and abroad. 

The dance companies  covered by the association operate both independently and in collaboration under a common structure. RAW MATERIALS provides a work environment that allows close communication between artists and where administrative and artistic challenges are supported and problems are solved together. 

RAW MATERIALS dedicates itself to community development incorporating numerous artists into collaboration. Its vision is a shared space that would serve the freelance dance community and support the growth and articulation of both companies.

As a community, we seek to support dance artists in their individual artistic endeavors, e.g. through mentoring, networking, collaboration and workshops.

As public support for dance in Finland is relatively small, private foundations, individuals, and companies are essential in supporting this endeavor.

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Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Samuel Huber Foundation, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Staatstheater Kassel, Tanssin Talo, Staatstheater Braunschweig, b12, Shawbrook Dance, Dance All Year Long, Arts Management Helsinki, JoJo Dance Centre Oulu, DOCK11, Springboard Danse Montreal, Hubbardstreet Pro.

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