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swan song  ( upcoming production )


swan song is a death practice and a gesture of recreation performed by 10 dancers.

Here they look inwards and meet their pain bodies, where generational and transgenerational leftovers are prominent. Here they create a ritual of letting go, excavating space for new beginnings through their concrete corporeal and ghost bodies. The world created resembles a liminal dream-like space, where meanings are ambiguous and ever-evolving. Together they create a community who call ancestral spirit guides in the quest of healing. 

swan song is a part of Annamari Keskinen's ongoing performance series Between the not yet and the already no more .  By the end of 2022 the series include four works- sonic bile /Berlin 2022,  masticate /Kassel 2022, between the not yet, the already no more- performance installation /Montreal 2022 and swan song/Budapest 2022.

Premier 16.12.2022 Trafo Haus, Budapest 


Choreography: Annamari Keskinen in collaboration with the dancers

Performance: Manon Campion, Aggeliki Michalaki, Shaked, Opal Igel, Ines Lopez, Coline Hemery, Fanny Mansot, Elionora Cirelli, Cecilia Weidacher, Shaked Tad, Anna Fauro


Sound design: Annamari Keskinen 


Pictures by Gergely Ofner

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