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It was never meant to be controlled, only observed.

Created for the Dance Company of Staatsheater Kassel in 2018

​Direction and Choreography: THAR BE DRAGONS/ Annamari Keskinen and Ryan Mason


Performance: Alison Monique Adnet, Cree Barnett Williams, Morgan Bobrow - Williams, Luca Ghendini,, Dafni Krazoudi, Niv Melamed, Safet Mistele, Alessia Ruffolo, Shafiki Sseggayi, Georgy Vysotsky


Stage design: Matthieu Götz

Light: Brigitta Hüttmann

Costume: Evelyn Schönwald

Dramaturg: Lauren Rae Mace

Sound Design: Ryan Mason and Annamari Keskinen

Sound Mastering: Donato Deliano

Rehearsal director: Victor Rottier

Pictures: Nils Klinger

Video: Jörg Landau

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