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Big stage production BLINK explores themes of rhizomatic thinking through identity, where inner landscapes collide with external surrealities. 

BLINK is a collaborative creation between  Annamari and Ryan, which Staatstheater Braunschweig commissioned in 2021. This creative process involved a company of 11 dancers, Ryan and Annamari, in conversation around overlapping spectrums of physical and emotional states or experiences. The overall structure was framed by scores developed out of long improvisation sessions guided by physical and psychological prompts within the soundscape of Curgenven’s 1-hour track, Bardo. There is an objectless presence about Bardo. It is sonically multilayered in scope: heavy drones of sub-bass layered with harmonic overtones, vinyl static, fragments of instrumentals, reverberated chambers of static overlapped with binaural frequencies, and industrial-like

sounds. It contains no central plot or narrative, and its content is more experiential than representational. The soundscape provided an unpredictable rhythm of shifting tension filled with false beginnings and

endings, long uninterrupted silences, and loops of faintly audible songs one might recognize but not quite place. The sonic space was often ‘empty,’ and when sound came, it never told what it was. This work

offered a temporal and relational space for the performer and spectator to explore. A primary goal of the work was to avoid the definition of what was happening yet to describe it in great detail - something that

Robert Curgenven’s work excels.


​​​​Premiere 18.02.2022 STAATTHEATER BRAUNSCHWEIG großes haus

Concept and choreography: THAR BE DRAGONS/ Annamari Keskinen & Ryan Mason


Performers: Alice Baccile, Fenia Chatzakou, Levente Bálint, Anna Degen, Brendon Feeney, Joshua Haines, Mariateresa Molino, Nils Röhner, Sofia Romano, Mátyás Ruzsom, Adrian J. Wanliss

Dramaturgy: Ira Goldbecher

Light: Katharina Möller & Daniel Bock

Sound in the house: Thomas Bohnsack

Stage manager: Sonja Horisberger

Sound desing: THAR BE DRAGONS & Kaj Mäki-Ullakko

Text: THAR BE DRAGONS in collaboration with the performers

​Video in the performance: Gregor Dobiaschowski

Production/Co-commission: Staatstheater Braunschweig

​Trailers: a cumana film experiment

​Full recording of the show  by request.

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