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Swan Song

Swan Song is a death practice and a gesture of recreation performed by ten dancers. Here they look inwards and meet their pain bodies, where generational and transgenerational leftovers are prominent. Here they create a ritual of letting go, excavating space for new beginnings through their concrete corporeal and ghost bodies. The world created resembles a liminal dream-like space where meanings are ambiguous and ever-evolving. Together they create a community that calls ancestral spirit guides in the quest for healing. 

Swan Song is part of Annamari Keskinen's ongoing performance series called Between the not yet and the already no more.  

Premiere: Trafo House, Budapest, Hungary 15.12.2022
Duration: 50min


Choreography, direction, and sound design: Annamari Keskinen in collaboration with the dancers

Performance:  Aggeliki Michalaki, Anna Fauro, Cecilia Weidacher, Coline Hemery, Eleonora Corelli,  Fanny Mansot, Ines Lopez, Manon Campion, Opal Gelman, Shaked Tadmor,

Production: SUB.LAB.PRO

Picture shown in the ;selected works' by Daniél Dömölky

Pictures below by Gergely Ofner

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