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Resurrecting Dead Darlings - A Palindromic Process of Artistic Rebirth

In 2024, Thar Be Dragons starts the first phase of the three-part project Resurrecting Dead Darlings - A Palindromic Process of Artistic Rebirth.


In this incubation- phase dance artists Ryan Mason and Annamari Keskinen and sound designer Timo Tikka will resurrect their creativity by searching, archiving, curating and sharing their dead darlings in their new incarnations. The project emphasises the artistic process as a dynamic journey - a continuous change, an embrace of the unfinished and a platform for creative exploration, which also embodies the symbiotic relationship and interaction between makers and viewers.


We aim to break away from the traditional stage format and its inherent hierarchical structures by placing our projects in studio and museum environments. Our aim is to continue to challenge prevailing norms about how dance is interpreted and encountered and to create a more open dialogue between the audience and the artists.


Thar Be Dragons organizes open rehearsals in Helsinki and Berlin during 2024 and actively share their artistic work on the project's online platform. Stay tuned and become an integral part of this evolving artistic tapestry.


Welcome to be part of our artistic process in the studio!


First demo events of the spring in Helsinki!

March demo 07.03.2024 at 17:30

April demo 30.04.2024 at 17:30


The demos are free events, but we ask public participants to register at least one day in advance by completing this form:

You will find direct link to the project's online archive from this page later on in February 2024 !

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