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Particle  Accelerator



Particle accelerator is a performance research project that was created by Thar Be Dragons (Annamari andRyan) and 16 dancers during ten days in b12 festival in Berlin July 2023.


10-day performance project Particle Accelerator:

Thematically, our work explores the boundary lines of abstraction and representation through shifting proximities of sound and imagery. It is the materiality of sound and bodily illusion, where the materials extend into each other, qualities blending into a warm, detailed fuzz where a specificity, without definition, is created. the reverberations and echoes left over are singular and leave space for the interpretation of the spectator. The starting point of our work comes from the individuality of the people we work with - who they are, how they think, how they feel, and how they move with this. A significant part of this process is getting to know each other. from there, we create the artwork. our working process places the performer in a state of heightened attention, open and responsive to the different effects cohabiting the space. placing the mind and its attendance to different states that are enlivened by images or sound leaves us with the question of what xxxx feels like. what does thinking feel like?


The work was shared to public 22, 23 of July 2023

Dock 11 theater in Berlin


Concept: Thar Be Dragons (Annamari Keskinen and Ryan Mason)


Choreography: Thar Be Dragons in collaboration with the performers


Performers: Roberta Ceginskaite, Anna Roth, Nick Lamaina, António Pocinho Rivotti, Anette Toiviainen, Peaches, Jenna Davis, Alix Kuijpers, Emily Jerant Hendrickson, Mari Budgey, Chela Portillo, Salya Berraf , Nancy Martin, Olivia Kleven, Simone Ballan, Nadia Tereszkiewicz


Sound design (live): Annamari Keskinen


Light design (live): Ryan Mason


The work was commissioned by b12 festival Berlin

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