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Dying animals don't feel sorry for themselves


When was the last time you were shot by an arrow and wandered the desert for a week?

 Dying animals don't feel sorry for themselves ponder the existence of fate. A ride through the testimonial, magical realism, and carnivalesque - a collage of images within the microcosm of the bar. At times surreal, the performance pulls the carpet back on the mind of two souls floating through their own lonesomeness. We observe the beautiful effort of people passing through life. 

This production was supported by grants from the Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland/Taike, and Samuel Huber Art Foundation.

Direction and choreography: THAR BE DRAGONS / Annamari Keskinen & Ryan Mason

Total Duration 1h 30min

Premiere  October 2018, KAIKU club Helsinki


Performance: Ryan Mason, Annamari Keskinen, Elias Devoldere,

AND Amina, Iris Blauberg, Pinja Eskelinen, Johanna Honkanen, Anna Häkkinen, Panu Isoaho, Katriina Kantola, Nikolai Karentzki, Unna Kitti, Ahti Parviainen, Anni Puupera, Minttu Pietilä, Mira Mattila, Lotta Wichmann

Music: Elias Devoldere

Producer: Kirsi Tikka

Lights: Mikko Törrönen

Sound: Mikko Korhonen

Bartender: Lisandra Kuuste

Stage manager: Krista-Julia Arppo

Teaser:  David Worm

Trailer : Teemu Kyytinen 

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